This Beppu local cuisine restaurant is named after Aburaya Kumahachi, the founder of our hotel. You can enjoy “tori-ten” (chicken tempura), “ryukyu” (sashimi marinated in soy sauce, sugar and sake, etc.) a popular Beppu specialty.

Enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine in buffet style. We have a large variety of menu items.

  • We have various kinds of souvenirs from Beppu and Oita, and have many convenience store-type goods.

    Enjoy playing table tennis, pocket ball, and other games, regardless of age or gender.

    “Dagashi”is an inexpensive, popular candy, as it used to be in the old days.

    Have an enjoyable time here, regardless of age or gender.

    As usual at hot springs in Japan, we enjoy playing table tennis. Have a fun with your family or friends.


    After using the hot springs, further relieve stiffness in the body by using a massage chair.

    There are many Japanese comic books here. Feel free to read them.

    You can experience the body warming efficacy that combines the effectiveness of Beppu City's hot springs with unique Chinese herbal medicine at NatuLa.